Becoming a member of the Austspray Environmental Weed Control team is a very challenging and rewarding experience. One that promotes an excellent insight into the operations of weed control, Landscaping and Natural Area Maintenance whilst providing an exceptional service which directly impacts on the health of the environment around us.

To achieve on-going success and to meet the needs of Austspray Environmental Weed Control and to excel in the provision of excellent service, it is essential that staff in this company perform as a team with shared goals and aspirations. All staff must have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities and how these contribute to the overall performance and operation of the work environment. A focus and commitment to identified outcomes and values is essential to achieving this success.

What Austspray looks for with their team members: 

  • Focus on results and deliver quality service;
  • Value honest and open discussion;
  • Give feedback and listen to feedback;
  • Take responsibility for your results, your learning, your success and your behaviour;
  • Make suggestions and involve yourself in improvements;
  • Be capable and involved with change;
  • Learn and evolve from challenges;
  • Confidently exercise initiative;
  • Exercise good communication skills;
  • Practice EEO and respect diversity;
  • Respect and engage with the culture of the business.

What you can expect from working within Austspray Environmental Weed Control:

  • Have your ideas listened to;
  • Be supported through periods of sudden change and unforeseen circumstances;
  • Have a safe and supportive working environment;
  • Be treated with courtesy and respect;
  • Be a part of the overall growth and movement of the business;
  • Be involved in an environment that acts with integrity, provides outstanding service and respects people and the surrounding environment;
  • Have your personal growth within the business fostered and catered for.

Austspray is based out of the Gold Coast, Queensland and the majority of our weed control, landscaping and natural area maintenance work is carried out on the Gold Coast and around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and Northern New South Wales.

We are currently recruiting for all of our Departments due to increasing workloads, so if you are interested in a position at Austspray Environmental Weed Control please Contact us or feel free to submit a resume and cover letter by clicking below:




Please be aware we need a certificate ll or above in either ‘Conservation and Land Management’, Certificate lll Horticulture (Parks and Gardens) or (Turf) as a minimum qualification.