The use of Organic turf management solutions is not something new but there has been an increase of late to enhance and produce more cost effective natural solutions to many issues asset managers face.

As a company we are constantly striving to discover safer, more environmentally friendly products and amendments to utilise.

Currently we are running programs for certain local government sporting fields that include amending the soil profile with specifically selected microbes that take the emphasis off the use of insecticides and fungicides.

This approach creates a healthier plant through unlocking nutrients commonly locked up in soils through the over use of synthetic fertilisers and incorrect amendment applications.

We are also using more stabilised fertiliser options which have the capacity of diminishing leaching, This ensures the fertiliser is able to be utilised by the plant for extended periods reducing application frequencies while increasing nutrition effectiveness.

The results from a well programmed and executed Organically based turf management program are astonishing with a greater water holding capacity, less compaction issues and increased nutrient uptake the plant is healthier and more capable of out competing germinating weed seed and inherently reducing or eliminating the need for chemical herbicide applications.

If you are interested in managing your turf, gardens or natural areas in a sustainable organic way please call or email and talk to our team.


Offset Carbon Emissions

Through planting trees on both small and large scale Austspray can help you achieve your offset targets. Through holistic land management, realistic site assessment and careful planning we can help you achieve a sound, cost effective environmental outcome which can be assessed and quantified.

If you are interested in exploring how you can maximize your environmental outcomes please call and talk with one of our Ecologists or Natural Area Project Officers.


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