Tackling terrain to restore the bush

The coast line of headlands and gorges are a natural asset of scattered Banksias, Pandanus, in amongst wildflowers and are valuable areas not exempt from weed invasion. These areas are often put in the too hard, too difficult or too dangerous category and remain untreated. However, the solution is weed control at heights by abseiling, a service few contractors can provide.

Offering a specialist service enables us to work extensively throughout south east Queensland and further south to Nambucca in New South Wales. Our team of weed control specialists and abseiling bush regenerators are fully qualified in weed control, tree removal, planting and erosion control in areas that are too difficult and too dangerous to work on any other way.

Health and safety professionals have extensively evaluated our work methods to allow us to provide a safe and much needed solution for weed control and other projects in these difficult locations.

One of our completed projects was the North Stradbroke Island/Point Lookout cliff-face restoration project. When work commenced, the three kilometres of cliff-face that surround this headland had a ground level weed infestation of 95%, principally Ground Asparagus and Glory Lilly. Six years on and the percentage of weed cover has significantly diminished to less than 2% and been replaced with native coastal vegetation.