Declared weed control is an area where Austspray has developed unique services which are utilised by many councils and Government agencies. We are specialists in this area with an extensive service capability.

We provide:

  • Roadside/ Main roads declared weed spraying both at night and during day hours with sign board equipped vehicles, quickspray and boom spray units;
  • Open space ATV boom and spot spray operation with quadbike and 4×4 spray units;
  • Agricultural Land Declared weed control – broadacre boom spraying/ weed wiping;
  • Waterweed management with kayak spray units and 6×6 Amphibious ATV Argo weed control unit;
  • Cliff face weed control service (Abseiling team) – this team does a lot of Bitou Bush control on NSW coastal headlands;
  • Forest mulching services by use of a Terex PT100 positrac forestry mulcher/ heavy duty slasher;
  • Slashing and clearing services;
  • Arboriculture and Tree removal services for woody weed and tree weed species;
  • Planning and advise services.

Have a declared weed? Contact us below and we’ll be in touch to let you know how we can help.