Bringing Back the Bush

Based on the Gold Coast and operating in South East Qld and Northern NSW, we are natural area restoration specialists.  Restoring our natural landscape requires a comprehensive understanding of natural systems. 

We are known for our ability to take on a diverse range of large scale natural area restoration projects that are implemented through best practice bush regeneration and weed control methodology. Various examples include restoration of coastal headlands, sand dunes, Melaleuca wetlands, and Eucalypt woodlands. Working within threatened communities and amongst threatened species. We possess a range of equipment suitable for weed management requirements such as knapsacks, wick wipers, slasher, quads, quick spray units, boom spray and shrouded units.

Both environmental and declared weeds invade natural ecosystems and:

  • Displace native plants;
  • Degrade wildlife habitat and inhibit wildlife movement;
  • Choke our waterways;
  • Increase the risk of wild fire and fire intensity;
  • Impact our use of and aesthetics of recreational areas; and
  • Reduce land use availability and primary productivity.

Managing weeds will reduce these impacts, improve land and ecological values and reduce the risk of wildfire by removing ladder fuels. By reducing weeds we can help promote regeneration of native plant species. By managing weeds systematically, you will minimise disturbance and reduce impact on wildlife.

Additional natural areas restoration details can be acquired by contacting us today, or visit our services page if you would like additional details on our other weed control and landscaping services.