Re-establishing coastal sand dunes to rainforests communities

We have diverse experience in revegetation within the South East Queensland such as natural areas, road islands, streetscape and parks. Revegetation is important for:

Connecting habitat through creating corridors;

  • Restoring degraded areas;
  • Preventing erosion and sediment loss;
  • Reducing weeds;
  • Provision of wildlife food and habitat and wildlife movement;
  • Carbon offsetting;
  • Improving scenic amenity.

We are involved in all facets of revegetation including:

  • Seed collection and sourcing plants of local provenance;
  • Plant species selection, planting density and composition to replicate vegetation community (regional ecosystem) and structure or improve aesthetics of landscape garden;
  • Sourcing plants consistent with NATSPEC (National Specification System of Australia);
  • Site preparation – weed management, soil amelioration, mulching and weed matting; and
  • Fencing and tree guarding to minimise the impact of grazers and to exclude stock.

Significant projects we have been involved in include large scale plantings including both koala habitat and carbon offsets.

Additional tree planting and revegetation details can be acquired from one of our Gold Coast weed control or landscaping specialists by contacting us today, or visit our services page if you would like additional details on our other Gold Coast weed control, and landscaping services.