Carbon off-set planting in Jacobs Well/Pimpama

The project involved the preparation of 12.1 hectares of clearing sugar cane, the tilling and hoeing of the ground, boom spraying regrowth. Approximately 3,400 native tube stock was installed and grown on throughout the site.

Revegetation of pasture farmland back into Koala habitat

The scope of works for this project included site preparation – ripping, direct seeding, soil amelioration, supply and installation of 14,784 native tube stock . This was a five year establishment and maintenance project with over 97% plant survival being achieved.

Ongoing weed maintenance of bushland buffer zones around landfill and waste transfer stations

This project involves the systematic treatment of 97 hectares of bushland surrounding 12 landfill and waste transfer stations that are heavily disturbed and impacted by weed invasion. These areas are large and suffer from regular and heavy weed invasion, but also contain high value and endangered remnant vegetation.